Commercial remodeling to renovate a run-down building required vision to see the possibilities of a green, energy efficient and up-to-date space for a physical therapy practice.

A vision for a fresh, contemporary space

Building renovation can be worthwhile for business and property owners, but it takes a strong vision to see beyond a rundown building and imagine the possibilities. That was the case with New Heights Physical Therapy, who had outgrown their location after 17 years.

The 7,000 square-foot building they chose was considered an eyesore by many. It had served as a feed store and sheet metal supply store. “We got a lot of responses about this building, whether to tear it down or try to rehab it,” said Kevin Poe, CEO of New Heights. “But we do physical therapy, so we decided to rehab the place.”

Renovated for energy efficiency

InterWorks partnered with New Heights to renovate the dilapidated building into a contemporary, functional space for their operations.

“We took it down to an absolute shell, everything but cutting the power. When we started building back up, we all wanted to do something that was going to be as green as possible within our budget,” added Poe.

This commercial remodeling incorporated significant use of natural resources and repurposed components. Natural light use was extensive. Energy is saved by using lighting fixtures which respond to higher levels of natural light.

Measures designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency and prepare the building for solar were added in the process. Many other sustainable materials and features were incorporated in the design and construction of the project.


Before and After

A rundown building was stripped to its shell, then rebuilt to incorporate repurposed components and maximum energy efficiency for this physical therapy facility.

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