Not a boring dental office! Bold color choices complemented by elegant wood paneling are featured in a complete buildout for office, treatment rooms and reception area for a dentist in Portland, Oregon.

Every detail of color and style make it creative and fun.

You have to agree, most dentist’s offices are pretty boring and uninspired. One doesn’t think of going to the dentist as creative and fun. Not so with this office remodeling project!

Tenant improvement and a complete buildout

This project was a new, first- generation tenant improvement in a small office building in Northeast Portland, Oregon. Our work involved the complete buildout of the tenant space from new flooring to color on the walls; building out treatment areas, bathrooms, the office, and reception area; crafting and installing cabinetry and equipment.

Color complemented by elegant maple wood details

The bold color choices for the walls were complemented by the elegant maple wood paneling, door and trim selections. Every detail of style and color were carefully designed to enhance the space and offer a warm and welcoming feeling to both patients and staff.

Bright and playful artwork complements the color and style of the office, making it a creative and fun-filled place to go to the dentist.

Ready to Stand Out?