We care about the environment.

Here in the Northwest, we’re devoted to maintaining and protecting the environment. InterWorks can help you bring that commitment to your home or commercial space.

We Build Green and Healthy Spaces

When we approach any construction project, we plan to build it green … which means the structure, the products and materials used, plus environmentally responsible building processes, are applied wherever possible, from planning to design to final construction and clean-up.

Sustainable products and earth-friendly building practices

By choosing sustainable products, conserving natural resources, and following earth-friendly remodeling practices, InterWorks fully supports these core principles of sustainable building:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Healthy Indoor Air
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Resource Conservation

Just some of the products we use and principles we employ on our projects:

  • Low-Toxic Paints and Materials
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting and Appliances
  • Built-In Recycling Centers
  • Certified Wood Products
  • Limited Amounts of Chemicals
  • Stone and Other Natural Products
  • Using Existing Materials
  • Recycling Job Site Waste

Your earth-friendly remodeling project may even qualify for rebates from the Energy Trust of Oregon and tax credits.

We’ll build it green for you

Whether you’re planning a home remodeling project, commercial renovation to upgrade and update, or a tenant improvement construction project, we’re committed to delivering products and processes to preserve our environment and create a more sustainable future for all of us.


Expect outstanding craftsmanship for small to large projects.


From complex building renovation to detailed finish work.


Timely tenant improvements enhance properties and add value.


Sustainable building practices throughout the process.

“Planning, planning, planning that's their mantra and it works. The bid was comprehensive and complete. They gave me a detailed flow sheet … their crew was wonderful.”

– Marcia M., client