Renovating and repurposing this 1920s garage into an office complex required a rigorous seismic retrofit and ADA accessibility to meet State of Oregon requirements.

Major building renovation can be highly rewarding for a building owner.

As our city changes, new opportunities appear for owners of older properties. It’s also an environmental benefit to repurpose an old structure into one that meets today’s requirements instead of tearing down and building new from the ground up.

An old garage becomes a new office complex

InterWorks renovated this 7,000 square foot, 1920s garage on Ladd Avenue in Portland into a unique office complex. Because the offices were to be leased by the State of Oregon, the project required an unusually rigorous seismic retrofit and comprehensive ADA upgrades that exceeded the State’s requirements.

A unique, one-of-a-kind venture

The complex project was completed under budget and within the approved timeframe. Our expertise and success in working through complicated structural, seismic and access upgrades in older buildings help building-owners like this one realize the rewards of these unique, one-of-a-kind ventures.

An added benefit—the environmental impact is minimized when an old structure is remodeled and repurposed. There are savings in material costs and minimal adverse effects that can occur when building a new facility.


Before and After

A 1920s garage was transformed with minimal environmental impact into an office building that met rigorous seismic and ADA requirements.

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