This beautiful home addition offers a covered space to connect the home’s Mediterranean style with a garden, feature an outdoor kitchen, and provide entertaining space even in Oregon’s rainy weather.

Vision for a home addition

The homeowner’s vision was an outdoor living room as an extension of their elegant Mediterranean style home. This home addition was planned as a covered space to entertain and to connect with the outdoor garden oasis already created.

A fireplace for cooler evenings, a grill, and an outdoor kitchen, a television and space for dining and relaxing was the goal. The new space would also add a deck outside the master suite.

Outdoor living planned for many uses

The outdoor living area used many design features from the home. The ceiling is stained hemlock decking. The stucco finish and paint colors match the exterior. Open windows on each side of the fireplace use custom iron work to add a decorative flair. Garden openings feature arches to repeat patterns from the home.

Curtains offer shelter on windy, rainy days but can be opened to the outdoors on warmer days. Strategically placed heaters add comfort on cooler evenings and supplement the fireplace.

The homeowners expected to use the outdoor room in the summer and shoulder sea-sons, but they’ve found they enjoy it year-round. Even on the coldest nights, a blanket keeps someone cozy in front of the fireplace.

With the flat screen television, this home addition is a favorite place to watch sports, even with an occasional cigar. The outdoor kitchen is fully equipped with grill, warming shelves, faucet and sink, small refrigerator and plenty of storage for tableware and more. A large dining table completes the space.

This welcomed home addition has become a favorite spot to enjoy as a couple and with family and friends. It’s a year-round retreat outdoor living room with comfort and style.


Before and After

A seldom-used outdoor patio becomes a favorite year-round spot for family and friends—an outdoor living room with kitchen, dining space, grill, and television.

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