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Dentist's Office Reception Area

Dentist's Office

InterWorks, L.L.C. of Portland, Oregon was recently awarded the prestigious 2001 Outstanding Remodeling Achievement Award in the Commercial Remodel category by the Oregon Remodelers Association. The award-winning project was an expansion and upgrade of the law offices of Samuels Yoelin Kantor Seymour & Spinrad LLP in the Willamette Wharf building at 4640 SW Macadam. Design was by Bruce Whitaker Designs. The building manager is Ann Bronson, Gray Company Realty, Inc.

Elegance On the Waterfront

The location offers stunning views of the waterfront from throughout the offices. The reception area received a significant updating and upgrading. A green and salmon color scheme was replaced with an elegant look featuring glass, natural stone products, and earth tones punctuated with purple and blue. This complements the views of the water available from the reception area, main conference room and offices. High quality carpet choices and Wolf-Gordon fabric wall covering add to the look. The reception area is introduced with a glass foyer featuring a textured slate floor. The large receptionist's station was relocated and a comfortable and attractive seating area was added. A custom niche with etched glass shelf was put in place to showcase a valuable work of art.

Now the law firm has an elegant and professional space that represents their business well. They have room to expand, yet are able to remain at a location that has many amenities, most prominent of which are the beautiful waterfront views.

This view shows Samuels Yoelin Kantor Seymour and Spinrad LLP's entrance before construction. The entrance door to the law firm's suite is on the left. The door on the right is to the suite that was vacated and added to the law firm's space. This area was completely remodeled for the new foyer and reception area. The look is plain and unimaginative. Please note the column just before the door on the left. It is a structural component that remained and it will be visible in an "after" picture, Photo 3.

This view shows the reception area before construction. This looks back towards the entrance. It shows the reception desk, as well as the look of the old lobby. The colors and materials are dated. The receptionist often complained about how dark the area was.

This photo shows the entrance foyer and part of the reception area after construction. The column on the left side of the picture is the same column as seen in Photo 1. The foyer shows a stunning transformation from its previous state. The all-glass entry and slate floor creates a sophisticated and elegant look, while recognizing the natural world of the waterfront just outside the window. The reception area has a feeling of lightness.

This photo shows another view of the reception area, including the special niche created for showcasing one of the law firm's artworks. This part of the reception area was part of the expansion from the adjacent suite. The natural maple wood cabinet to the left actually covers and conceals the back side of the electrical panel.

This photo shows a view of the reception area where the reception desk was located. With the expansion, the firm is able to offer a comfortable and pleasant waiting area for their clients. This photo also shows the view into the main conference room and the waterfront beyond.

Photographs by Jeff Krausse